To attain peace of mind about your clothes always getting a good wash, this product from the house of IFB is a good front loading washing machine. This machine gives the entire laundry the wash it deserves. There is also a smart sensor in the machine and it is able to program itself to change the water composition for achieving a good wash.

Aqua energy feature: The IFB Elena Aqua SX 1000RPM is so designed that all hard water used in a wash cycle is first converted into soft water before detergent is applied to the washing load. The soft water dissolves the detergent more effectively, which is then soaked deeper by the clothes for an efficient washing. This feature also increases the life of the machine and makes it more durable. The bi-carbonates in the water are converted into small crystals that are easily flushed out, not providing a chance to deposit on machine parts or the clothes.

The 2D shower system: This system creates a dynamic movement in the water that agitates the clothes strongly enough to get an extra clean wash. The 2D shower uses pressurized water that is sprayed through a nozzle and the drum circulates it all around in a 360-degree angle. The detergent gets completely dissolved and all dirt and grime gets removed. Due to this innovative addition, when the clothes are in the final rinse, all traces of detergent are effectively removed.

Laundry add feature: In the Elena Aqua SX, one can always pause the cycle and add a garment or two before starting the cycle again.

Crescent shaped drum: On the inner side of the drum, there is a moon shaped pattern that keeps the clothes protected during the wash cycle. The water is distributed in a swoosh pattern that prevents the clothes from rubbing against the steel drum.

Foam control in place: There is a foam detector inside the washing machine that dissolves any excessive foam. This is very important for maintaining the wash quality of the load. Besides, in order to tackle pest attacks, there is a mesh at the bottom of the machine that protects it from any rats and rodents.

Key Features
General Special Programs
Washing Capacity (Kg)6 Pre - WashYes
ControlElectromechanical Additives / Rinse + SpinYes
Temperature OptionsMax/Hot/Warm/Mild/Cold DrainYes
Features Easy Iron / Inbuilt Anti-CreaseYes
3D Shower SystemYes Gentle WashYes
Crescent Moon DrumYes Soak / Inbuilt SoakYes
Barrier Free Program ConsoleYes Spin cancelYes
Inbuilt Anti-CreaseYes Spin Dry / Tub CleanYes
Program Progress IndicationYes Safety
Washing Programs Program Memory BackupYes
No. of Programs15 Self DiagnosisYes
CottonYes Auto Imbalance Sensing & ControlYes
NormalYes Foam Control SystemYes
DelicatesYes Protective Rat MeshYes
Quick WashYes Physical Specifications
Technical Specifications Net Weight (Kg)66
Maximum Connected Load (Watts)2300 Gross Weight (Kg)71
Power Supply (Volt/Phase/Hz)220-240V, Single Phase, 50 HZ Net Dimension (W x D x H - mm)598 X 506 X 875
Water Supply0.3 Bar - 10 Bar Gross Dimension (W x D x H - mm)675 X 570 X 880

  • For requesting an installation/demo for this product once delivered, please call IFB support directly on 180030005678 and 18604255678 and provide the product's model name
  • Front-loading washing machine; 6 kg capacity
  • 4 years warranty on the product
  • Temperature options: Cold, warm and hot, Door diameter: 320 millimeters, Door opening angle: 180 degree, Water supply: 03 Bar to 10 Bar
  • Wash care programs: Cotton eco, gentle, wool, mixed fabric, quick wash and cotton
  • Aqua energy feature converts hard water to soft for a better and more effective wash
  • 2D Shower system makes water motion dynamic facilitates a better wash
  • Crescent moon shaped drum protects clothes during wash
  • Protective rat mesh ensure hassle free outdoor placement
  • Eco wash provides best quality wash using optimum water
  • Rapid wash let's you wash clothes in a hurry
  • Has a protective rat mash for convenient outdoor placement
Technical Details
Brand IFB
Model Elena Aqua VX
Installation Type Free-Standing
Maximum Rotational Speed 800 RPM
Capacity 6 Kilograms
Special features 2D Shower System: It adds dynamic movement to the water and ensures that you get a cleaner and fresher wash for your clothes anytime. A special water system with nozzles, circulates the water 360° in the drum. The detergent dissolves 100% and penetrates the clothes deeper for a cleaner wash. During rinsing, fresh water penetrates deep into the clothes to wash off all traces of detergent. The clothes come out cleaner and fresher., Aqua Energie: A special built-in aqua filter that treats hard water improving the life and performance of your machine. It breaks the bi-carbonates in the water and reduces them to crystals. These crystals are microscopically small and flow with the water instead of forming crusts. The filtered water is soft and facilitates wetting of clothes. The detergent enzymes dissolve in the water giving your clothes a better wash. It reduces scaling on machine components., Laundry Add: Missed out on your favourite shirt? This feature lets you add laundry even after wash cycle has started, Crescent Moon Drum: The crescent moon shaped pattern on the inner drum protects clothes during the wash. Water curves up in a swoosh pattern and prevents the clothes from rubbing against the wall of the steel drum. Clothes get a gentle yet thorough cleaning., Protective Rat Mesh: An additional cover at the bottom of the machine protects against possible damage caused by rodents.
Control Console Fully Automatic
Form factor Front-Loading
Colour White
Voltage 240 Volts
Wattage 2300 Watts

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IFB Elena Aqua SX Fully-automatic Front-loading Washing Machine (6 Kg, Silver)

  • Brand: IFB
  • Product Code: Elena Aqua SX 6Kg 1000RPM
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